The Costa Blanca, with its 320 sunny days a year, has long been the obvious choice for sun-thirsty Scandinavians looking for a place to live in the sun. The Costa Blanca is known for its white coastal strips and beautiful beaches that gave the coast its name.

Here you will find world-class golf, vineyards, Europe’s best diving area, fantastic nature and authentic Spanish cuisine.

The World Health Organization, WHO, classifies the coastal strip as one of the healthiest places in the world to live. People with rheumatism and others with pain, muscle or joint problems feel better on the Costa Blanca. This is mainly due to the many sunny days and the heat, which is unusually evenly distributed throughout the year with an average temperature of 20 degrees C.

Good communications make it easy to get here, several airlines offer direct flights from several airports to Alicante airport all year round.

Our service concept makes it safe and easy to buy a home in Spain through us. We place great value on being with you all the way from start to finish and during the entire process being helpful with the questions you have as a customer, both legal and practical, not least after you have bought your new home.

We only work with quality builders who, like us, are interested in the long term in terms of quality as well as finances. We are on site throughout the construction process to provide you as the customer with ongoing updates and photos of your dream home, you can feel safe throughout the entire buying process.

The advantages of new production are many – you buy at a fixed price and don’t have to spend time and money renovating.

If you buy new production, there is an original design in the foundation. You then decide for yourself whether you want to make free options (most often this applies to the choice of e.g. cabinet doors, interior doors and tiles), or add your own unique solutions. But in some projects you can also adjust parts of the floor plan.

If you want to make your own options, it is important to be out in good time. No new production is the same and it is important to keep an eye on your particular project.

Those interested in interior design may choose to furnish the furniture themselves, and then we have a nice collaboration with, among others, Danish Design and IKEA. There are also developers who offer fully furnished homes.

Normally you pay in stages during construction. The developer provides you with bank guarantees for all amounts you have paid until the home is ready. First, a reservation fee of between €6,000-10,000 is paid, this is to remove the object from the market. After that, 40-50% is usually paid in connection with the signed purchase contract, and the remaining amount is paid upon access. Spanish value added tax (IVA) is added to the total of the home, which is 10% of the purchase price.

About 3.5% of the purchase price is added for NIE number, notary/lawyer fees, registration fees, etc. We have a partnership with a Spanish law firm, where English-speaking staff are available. We offer a “fixed price package” for all legal obligations associated with the purchase of a home in Spain.

When you have moved into your new dream home, you are welcome to join our “LLH Dreamhome Club” where we offer special prices on everything from awning installations, furnishings, cleaning/laundry assistance, key management etc…. to get the fridge topped up or the air conditioning on, when you get to your Spanish home.

When you have found the property or properties that you want to look at more closely, we will make an agreement when it suits you to come to Spain. You book flights and possibly hotels (we have agreements with certain hotels), and tell us your “flight” number. We pick you up at the airport in Alicante and drive you either to the hotel or out to look at properties, depending on what suits you best considering the time of day you land etc…

We help you find your dream home in Spain, and we are at your service to look at the properties you are interested in, as well as help you find additional properties that may suit your wishes.

When you have found your dream home, you pay the reservation fee and the property is now reserved for you, and we arrange an initial meeting with the law firm where we accompany you.

For more information, please contact our English representative
Henrik Lyckvind.